The ATE recipe book is a major part of our work in the second year of our project. we collected recipes from all three countries and created a book for our students that will give them a real Taste of Europe! All recipes have been cooked and tested several times at HLW St. Veit in our lessons, at the LTTA in St. Veit and in workshops with guests from our partner school in Italy. 3chw has worked on the recipes, the layout and all aspects of printing and publishing.

Work already started in 2016 with some decisions about working responsibilities and a schedule of working processes. The book was part of the new subject "Service Design" (UDLM) at HLW St. Veit and combined interdependent work with aspects of modern economics. At the short term exchange in London (Oct 2016) we made all relevant decisions about the book and it was published in June 2017. You can get free books at our three schools or you can download the book below. We hope you find a lot of new recipes to try at home.

Our decisions at the LTTA in London 2016:


Main objective:

Creation of a cookery book focused on young adults from the Netherlands, Great Britain and Austria


Additional objectives:

·         Young adults should get interested in cooking.
·         The ingredients for the recipes should be easily available.
·         The recipes are suitable for a kitchen with a standard equipment.
·         The cookery book should contain many pictures/graphics.
·         There are five vegetarian meals from each country.
·         The recipes are suitable for four persons.
·         The book has approximately 100 pages.
·         The book is suitable for beginners.
·         It is hardcover, the size of the book is A5.
·         The book contains  information about the schools and the partnership

ATE Recipe Book for Student´s Survival
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