When thinking about a healthy and well balanced diet most people will think of fruit and vegetables but not water. But water plays a vital role in maintaining healthy! Therefor it has become the focus of our first international campaign involving all three schools. Regius College encourage students at staff to drink more water by handing out drinking bottles at the short term exchange in Schagen.


On April 11th HLW St. Veit startet with Campaign "DRINKINGwater!": We gave away more than 500 drinking bottles to students and staff to encourage them all to drink more water instead of softdrinks/energydrinks (or nothing at all). Austrian tap water has such a high quality that there is no need to buy water. The evaluation showed that our campaign had a very positive effect on students and staff.


Once again big THANKS to Regius College for initiating this campaign! The Dutch team continued to work on this topic by handing out drinking bottles to students again in January 2017. One of the results of our research and work in Schagen was the installation of a free tap water fountain in the school building. Ironically it has been placed next to a vending machine selling soft drinks and bottled water ;-)


Oaks Park High School also joined the Campaign in 2017 and made DRINKINGwater another sucessfull transnational cooperation including all three schools. They gave their action another title common in the UK: Ban the Bottle! Following on from our topic on Rivers and Coasts, Year 8 have been invited to participate in a campaign run by the ERASMUS scheme in Europe. Students have been asked to create a campaign that looks at the issues with plastic bottles and sustainability. This was part of their summer term assessment. The aim of the project was to encourage other Oaks Park students to use reusable bottles rather than buying bottles of water each days. Students had two lessons on the issues with bottled water, looking at the environmental effects as well as the social effects of bottled water on different communities. They complete individual research projects and a campaign aiming to encourage other students in Oaks Park to use the more sustainable approach to drinking water, tap water. 

ATE: "DRINKINGwater" at Regius College Schagen
DRINKINGwater Campaign Regius College Sc
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ATE: "DRINKINGwater" evaluation HLW St. Veit
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ATE: Quality of tap water at HLW St. Veit
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ATE: Ban the Bottle_Campaign OPHS
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ATE: Some tips for you to start your own campaign!
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