"ATE" was a project bringing together three European schools from Austria, the UK and the Netherlands working together on the topic of food. Based on the three main focuses science, nutrition and ethics we were exploring its possibilities within the realm of education.

Working on the project  included international meetings, interdependent research, awareness campaigns, international surveys and a recipe book. 

Feel free to have a look at our website to get some inspiration for your own projects and lessons. You can also download a lot of material. We are happy to share our ideas and products. You can use them for your lessons or projects, just be so kind not to remove our logo... ;-)


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ATE Portfolios / 2015-2017

We are continuously working on our three portfolios focusing on the aspects of science, ethics and nutrition/gastronomy. Lesson plans, research results, presentations, videos and pictures of our work are published here for everyone to download, use and share.




Project Meeting St. Veit / October 2015

In October 2015 teachers from all three schools met in St. Veit to start our great project. As coordinating school HLW St. Veit invited the international team for a few days of work and communication. We had a lot to discuss and we are very proud of our productive teamwork.

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Logo Competition / 2015

Our official project logo was designed by our students. 2015 we had an international logo competition and each school was allowed to hand in their three best designs. And the winner is... Julia Guschelbauer, a student from HLW St. Veit. Congratulations!

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International Survey / 2016

The international survey has been filled in by about 100 students at each of our three schools and is meant to give ideas for our  future Awareness Campaigns starting this spring.

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Short Term Exchange Schagen / February 2016

Our first short term exchange of students (LTTA) was hosted by Regius College in Schagen. We had a great time focusing on the ethical aspects of our nutrition and sharing the results of our work done so far. Thanks to the Dutch team for their hospitality!

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"DRINKINGwater" - Campaign / 2016-2017

It all began with a few water bottles handed out at the LTTA in Schagen... That initiated our first awareness campaign! We want to encourage our students and staff to drink more (tap) water. And we did some research about the importance of water including lessons in science, literature, arts, religious education, music, etc.

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"Stop Food Waste!" - Campaign / 2016-2017

Part two of our awareness campaign is about the huge amount of wasted food in Europe and our own area. Research about the facts of food waste was part of our work as well as wastecooking sessions. And there is more to come...

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Short Term Exchange London / October 2016

Our second short term exchange of students hosted by Oaks Park High School took place from 9th -14th October 2016. Main topic was the science of food. We  also started to work on our recipe book and enjoyed some great lessons and field trips together!

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"A Taste of Europe" Recipe Book / 2017

From October 2016 to June 2017 we worked on our own recipe book combining delicious dishes from all three countries. This book is the result of a very sucessfull cooperation of our schools and we are very proud of it! Our students created a great collection of recipes that they all tested themselves.  The books are now printed and available at our three schools.

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Short Term Exchange St. Veit / February 2017

The third short term exchange was hosted by HLW St. Veit in Austria. The date we have set is 5th -10th Feb 2017. We decided to focus on Nutrition and its practical aspects, with filed trips, cooking sessions and workshops. We also continued to work on our recipe book that we plan to publish in spring. 

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Project Meeting London / July 2017

By the end of the second school year of our partnership teachers from all three schools met at Oaks Park High School to discuss the ongoing processes and products of our great school partnership. We evaluated our work. We discussed what we plan to do until October 2017 and further actions after ATE has officially ended. 

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What remains after the partnership has ended?

After two great years of cooperation we don´t want to just say Goodbye. Teachers and students are so proud of the work done that we already think about the future. ATE has made a sustainable impact at all three schools and we want to continue our work on the topic of food. Worksheets, presentations, folders, poster, teaching material and books will be part of our curriculum from now on. And you can see the difference at our school buildings too... 

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